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For anyone who still reads the updates and gives a damn.

Past year's been busy. Switched jobs since I wasn't getting enough hours at the old one... and now I might need to do the same again for the same reasons.

Briefly got back together with my ex girlfriend, which didn't last. Guess it wasn't going to work out again.

Watched another old friend basically ruin her life with bad decision after bad decision. She needs help, but won't listen to anyone who isn't telling her what she wants to hear. There's nothing that can be done about it. Until she realizes that something is wrong, I have nothing left for her.

Haven't done any convention work in some time, but Origins might be interested in my help. Sure, there's been some work on the fighting game tournaments, but I've gotten burned on that. It's the people, really. Sure there's good people in there, but plenty of loud, rude jackasses who care more about hype and winning money then having any sort of love of the games themselves. It's all rather distressing.

I'm still at the same apartment. Kid upstairs is still loud at times, but it's an alright place. I'm okay with it for now.

Miss my old friends from the cosplay days.

Hope things get better.
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Does anyone even use this anymore?
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I just had two cops at my door stating that they had a tip that I was posting suicide notes in online games. The hell?! I haven't made any sort of posting anywhere of the kind. Someone is fucking around here and I intend to find out who.
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So yeah, I haven't posted here in some time. I've been doing a lot more posting over at my Destructoid Blog, but that's more for gaming subjects. There really hasn't been that much outside of that going on in my life worth talking about. Honestly, it has been that dull.

However, I do want to point out that on Saturday night I will be helping out at CD101 for the Andyman-A-Thon charity drive. I'll be there from 11:00 PM to 3:00 AM EST taking calls and the like. No, I won't be on the air, but you can make requests and listen live online if you're not in the Columbus area.

I figured I might as well be doing something worthwhile with my time...
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Coolest motherfucker I ever met. Had him autograph a sword, it's sitting in my living room.

Dude had a packed room hanging off every word he was saying. Talking about martial arts films, working on westerns where he had to fix everything, putting gravel in hostlers to weigh them down, getting his armed cut up durring Kill Bill...

He was one slick, legendary mother fucker.
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Front Paged on Destructoid.
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I think I found a location.

Could get a good deal out of this. Now I need to know who wants in.

And it's going to be in August.
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Decided to bow out this time. Save some money, avoid any potential drama. Etc.

I'm not thrilled with this, to be honest. The cons are fun, and I really regret not being able to run into most of you again. Really, I do miss having fun with all you (hint: drop a line, I'd love to hang out again).

Well, I still have CeGe to plan out. There's other cons later on. I need to get some shopping done and clean my apartment (skipped a week, not good). Dull and lonely, sure. Well, life does go on.
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Go look.

Help is still welcome. Drop a line.
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"Jack Bauer is the Torture Mary Sue. It's like watching an acted version of a Freeper's self-insertion fanfic."
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